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Users can download partner videos by clicking the download link in the left-hand corner of the video. Some of the content will be offered for free and some will be monetized, depending on the wishes of the content provider. YouTube is offering a My Purchases tab to help users keep track of purchased videos.

Ironically, a quick search of "how to download YouTube videos" have turned up several methods, some outdated, of how to download YouTube videos via scripts and other tools. But some users want to disseminate their videos, YouTube employees pointed out.

"Universities use YouTube to share lectures and research with an ever-expanding audience," Thai Tran, a YouTube product manager, wrote in a blog post. "In an effort to promote the sharing of information, we are testing free downloads of YouTube videos from Stanford, Duke, UC Berkeley, UCLA, and UCTV (broadcasting programs from throughout the UC system). YouTube users who are traveling or teachers who want to show these videos in classrooms with limited or no connectivity should find this particularly useful."

The feature is currently in the testing stages. Interested parties can find more information on the official YouTube blog.

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